A rock and a hard place

Far… Too… Much… Stone…..

So apparently, building a dry stone wall involves moving a substantial mountain of heavy rocks by hand.  Who knew?


My class mates and I just spent two days having a crash-course in building a dry stone wall; with instructors Dean McLellan and Evan Oxland.

I’m tired, my hands are wrecked, and it’ll take a week to clean the mud off of my boots (we got rained-on the second day).  But despite all that, I’m thrilled.  I learned a tremendous amount in a very short span of time.

Photo by Dean McLellan

Photo by Dean McLellan Stonework

Doing physical work with a new group of people is also a great way to start building friendships too.  Hey, it works for the military – where you get very close to people, very quickly.  But the most important part, is that I’ve now helped to construct something that should still be standing generations from now.  And that’s awesome!

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