On Friday, our family said goodbye to a good friend…


Guinness Frederick Blythin

Guinness, our American Cocker Spaniel was our first baby.  We got him as a puppy, about a year before my son was born.  He was a faithful companion, and the best friend two small children could hope for.  He kept watch any time any member of our family was sick. When my wife was expecting our babies, he would keep her company in the middle of the night when she would get up for midnight snacks, and was there every time a baby needed attention.

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Guinness went from being a happy, healthy dog to one very sick pup in the matter of only a few days.  Despite having very good veterinary care, including a trip to the intensive care unit at the Veterinary College at the University of Guelph; there was nothing to be done.  We will miss him terribly.

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