A thousand words

… Or perhaps just take a picture?

We’ve been taking a course on photography at school.  Its all very interesting stuff.  The instructor, in addition to being an accomplished professional photographer, is also one of those urban-explorer types.  He’s been showing us some excellent photographs he has taken of some very cool places.

I don’t think I’ll ever have the artistic ‘eye’ for taking pictures that one would mistake for being a professionals – but I still think I got something out of it.  Hopefully my photography will improve as a result.

One thing is for sure, I’ve got to start carrying a camera around with me, instead of just my iPhone.


Photo of my class, taken by Jonathan Castillino (our photography instructor)

As you can see from this group photo, its far better than anything I could take.  My class mates and I all agreed, this is one of the best group photos any of us had been in … we thought it would make a great album cover.

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