It seems that if you really get caught up in blacksmithing, sooner or later you’ll be called upon to either teach or do demonstrations.  I’ve just had my first experience teaching my fellow Willowbank classmates.

I had acted as a teaching assistant to Lloyd during the first forge session at school.  And quite a few of the others in my class were very interested in doing more (our formal session was only a couple of days – and very, very introductory).  So I offered to let anyone who was interested, come and do some more smithing at my home workshop during the winter break.  I had several groups come out for a day, two at a time, to work in my shop.

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This was fun.  I’d say it wasn’t so much teaching, as coaching.  But I think everyone who came out learned something new and useful.  They all left with a variety of finished projects in their hands.

I’m still a student myself (and suppose I always will be); but it seems I’ve learned quite a bit since this adventure first began.  Certainly enough to talk people through their first projects.

Working on your own is far more productive – but sharing the craft with others is nice too.  I hope to do more of this in the future.

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