And so it begins!

After much thinking about it, talking about it, reading, researching, etc., I finally had the opportunity to do some hands-on forging while getting my first formal training in smithing.

I’ve just come back from a weekend course provided by David Robertson (who some of you may recognize from his popular smithing videos on YouTube).

The course was fantastic, and David is an excellent teacher and coach. I got so much out of this weekend. Most importantly, the confidence to fire up my own forge and continue learning on my own.

The course was well laid out, and included a wide variety of projects – each building upon the techniques learned in the previous project. By the end of the course, we’d made a number of different types of hooks, a coal rake, tongs, a roasting fork, cold chisel, a hinge and my favourite, a fire steel (striker for use with a flint).

The Weekend's Projects

I’m now even more commited to getting my own shop set up so that I can keep going. I’ll defenitely be coming back for another of David’s courses too!


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