My first forge!

The collection grows!

As mentioned, I was planning on building a break drum type forge, but as I search for parts, I’m realizing it won’t be cheap. The design I was using called for 2″ or better black pipe for an air intake / ash dump, and various other bits and pieces. None of it is ‘expensive’, but when you add up a dozen or so fittings at $10 a piece, an inexpensive bathroom exhaust fan (at least $40) for a blower, etc, etc, it all adds up!

I’ve been watching Kijiji for blacksmithing stuff for a while, and a small riveter’s forge just popped up.

Riviter's Forge Forge Blower

It’s not ideal, and at $200 isn’t exactly cheap – but it’s not unreasonable. The forge needs some fixing up. The blower needs a new belt and a cover for the ash dump, but the blower turns freely and moves air. It’s also got a bit of a wobble, but hopefully tightening up the fasteners on the legs and braces will take care of that.

But all in all, I’m very excited! I’ve got my crain rail anvil, and now a forge. Really, that should be enough to get me started. I can’t wait to spark it up for the first time.

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