Bricks & mortar

More masonry classes at Willowbank.  This time bricks & mortar with instructor Carol Jackson.

A good portion of this class was learning about different kinds of mortar, and the importance of choosing the right one!

tf-img-228 tf-img-227

Willowbank really does have a very nice, comprehensive program when it comes to masonry.  They cover everything from geology class with Bob Watson (learning types of stone, and how to identify them), to the lime burn / discussing the lime cycle, to stone carving, quarrying, dry stone walling, now bricks and mortar, and even plaster class.

This stone stuff is beginning to seem almost as important as metal ;-)

But it’s all very interesting, and the subjects all relate well to each other.  I think I like masonry – and masons. They’re not only nice (all of them that I’ve met) but are also some very talented craftspeople too.

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