Touching the past

Now *this* is what I had in mind when I thought about heritage conservation.

We’ve just had a historic finishes with instructor Walter Furlan at Willowbank.  And that class largely revolved around Walter’s biggest interest, which is window restoration.

During this class, I tackled repairing a sash from a 200 year old wood window!

tf-img-230 tf-img-229

tf-img-231 tf-img-232

This window was constructed from old, first growth lumber – the quality of which just can’t be matched in this day and age.  And the joinery was so finely done, that the joints were still a ‘furniture fit’ (a secure pressure-fit, with no glues or fasteners), two centuries after it was made.

It’s humbling to lay your hands on something like this, and an absolute privilege to be able to do work on it.

Thanks so much for the opportunity Walter!

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