“Burning rock”

“… Burning rock!!!”

This is what my kids have been running around the house yelling for days now…

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I’ve been helping my good friend (and classmate) Mike to make these rock bowl things for the upcoming Willowbank Stone Festival.  The idea is, apparently, to have some bowls carved into a bunch of stones that will line a pathway or something.

We were concerned that a fire would cause the rocks to crack, split or otherwise explode.  After all, we have to assume that hammering on them with chisels is causing some stresses to build up in the stone.  Anyways, with this concern in mind we figured we should test fire one; and did so the other night in my driveway.

The rock didn’t split – although I’m still not convinced that they won’t.  And the kids loved it.  They’re obsessed.  Any time I have my computer open, they ask to see the photo of the “burning rock”.

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