Demo man

Coming off the success and popularity of my demo at the Open House, Willowbank asked if I would represent the school at an event at the Niagara Historical Society & Museum in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  And so I’ve just chalked up my first real ‘public’ demonstration – outside the comfort zone of an educational institution.

tf-img-186 tf-img-185

Once again, I was amazed by just how interested people were in the smithing.  I was so steadily busy all day, that I didn’t get chance to take a break to eat, and didn’t get chance to take a photo of my setup.

In the photos above, you’ll see my son William (who is the very model of a modern Major General), and if you look very closely you can see me working in the background.

All I can say, is that these demos are fun, fun, fun.  I’m usually a bit of an introvert and avoid talking to crowds of people. But while standing at my anvil, hammer in hand, it doesn’t seem to bother me.

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