Spammers take note…

Dear Comment Spammers,

Please bugger off.

Kind Regards,
The Forgery



To clarify, I welcome legitimate comments from real people who may have something to say.  However spammers should be aware that:

  • I moderate all comments, so your spam will never be seen by a member of the public; and
  • I have nofollow tags active for comments, so your spam links will not do anything to increase your Google page rankings.

Incidentally, your generic, cookie-cutter comments make absolutely no sense. “I like your site, but it is difficult to find“, etc.

Hmm … well, when I do a Google search for relevant key words (topics that I’m writing about), I’ve typically been somewhere in the first few pages of results, and I’m happy with that.

Oh, and did I already ask you to please bugger off? If not, I meant to.

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