Until I had to do it, I never would have guessed how hard it would be to find a tree stump!

I asked friends and family (in person and via facebook) to let me know if they had ideas on where to find one. I called around to wood lots and tree trimming companies, none of which were helpful. Even after a major wind storm, when there were trees down all over the place, I couldn’t find anyone with an anvil-stand sized stump.

But after my first few forging sessions, using the steel work table under my crane rail, it was obvious that I needed something. And so, I made one myself out of 6″x6″ pressure treated posts.

And I can tell you, it is a vast improvement! The rail feels like a proper anvil, now that it’s on something solid. I’ve got it set a bit higher than the ‘knuckle’ height that’s recommended for an anvil – but I’m doing light work, and find it more comfortable.

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