Timber framing

Two days is nowhere near enough time to explore the art of timber framing – but it’s enough to know that I’m hooked!  I can’t wait until we have an extended session of it next year.


One of my class mates apparently has quite a bit of experience doing this.  I may have to recruit his help, and build that new smithy in the spring.  I also see some tool-making in my near future.  The ‘tools of the trade’ for timber framing are wonderful – large framing chisels, slicks, etc.  The tools the instructors brought were all very well made, and of high quality (read, “imported” and “expensive”!).

tf-img-103 tf-img-102


Of course, as an aspiring blacksmith I’m obliged to make my own… Actually, I think that could be a rewarding add-on part of this schooling for me.  As I’m exposed to these different, sometimes obscure trades, I’ll have to try making some of their specialized tools.


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