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Burning coke

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I did some smithing over the weekend (working to a deadline, with mother’s day being just around the corner), and tried burning some of the coke. I like it. Actually, I was burning a mixture of coke and charcoal. I got the forge started on the charcoal, then threw some coke in, burning a 50/50 mixture.

I don’t think I can burn coke alone in the small forge, as I’m using a hand blower. The coke goes out very shortly after the air stops. Once I’ve got the larger forge going, and using the electric blower with it, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m going to have to switch to the larger forge sooner than later, as the wobble in the small forge is getting worse. Apparently one of the sockets that the legs go into was cracked when I got it, and recently had a chunk break off.

Found a new coke dealer

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

I just bought 150 Kg of coke from a new supplier!

Okay, now that Echelon has flagged these suspicious keywords, and I have the attention of the fine folks at the CSE (howdy folks – thanks for the great work you do!); it’s not what you think. I’m talking about roasted coal, not drugs.

So far, I’ve been burning hardwood charcoal. It’s not bad. It gets nice and hot, has very little smoke, and lights quickly and easily. But you burn through a lot of it! It’s also bad for sparks. I actually have a bag of coal too, but being in an urban setting, I can’t risk offending the neighbours with the smoke.

A number of other smiths have recommended burning coke. The problem, is that it’s not easy to come by (at least not around here). OABA does a ‘group run’ to an industrial supplier a couple of times a year, but I missed the last one, and the next isn’t for a while. Besides that, I’m pretty sure most of the guys who go, buy in bulk. I don’t want to commit to buying too much until I’ve tried working with it first.

I recently found out about a gentlemen, not too far from me, who sells it by the 50 Kg bag. I just grabbed 3 bags from him so I can try it. I’m very curious how it compares to charcoal.